In the Beginning there was Light

Era of Lightbringers

 0 - Elven lands unite under the single rule of King Garth Lightbringer

13 LB - Human north kingdoms unite under the rule of Katherine Penndragon

55 LB - Katherine Penndragon dies and is suceeded by Arthur Penndragon. Human kingdoms expand to eastern continent

63 LB - First 'Shi'tir' are spotted off the west coast of Ilan City

70 LB - Alecia the mortal is corrupted by the Shi'tir taint

80 LB - The eastern continent comes under human hands and human forces continue their march southward. King Arthur Penndragon dies, his two sons begin a civil war which divide the formerly united human kingdom

82 LB - Human kingdoms unite once more under the rule of Markus Penndragon. Anthony Penndragon and his followers are banished to the southern isle as punishment for their crimes.

150 LB - The Penndragon line continues, Markus Penndragon's son Arthur II Penndragon takes the throne.

200 LB - Garth Lightbringer is succeeded by his two sons 'Nupper Lightbringer' and 'Archer Lightbringer'. The twin elven continents are divided into 'west' and 'east', a tradition that would continue for the next 800 years.

210 LB - Arthur II Penndragon and Nupper Lightbringer officially sign a treaty of peace. Equal unison between the Elven and Human Nations lead to prosperous trade.

212 LB - Arthur II Penndragon dies and is suceeded by Carys Penndragon, his daughter.

250 LB - The 'neutral' continent between the Northern Isle of the Human Empire and the two continents (West and East) of the Elven Empire suddenly sinks into the sea without warning. This comes to be known as 'the great calamity'.

279 LB - Carys Penndragon is suceeded by Viktor Penndragon.

300 LB - The first 'Shi'tir' begin appearing on the north coasts of the elven continent and the southern coasts of the North Human Isle.

350 LB - Nupper Lightbringer retires and his brother Archer Lightbringer takes up the mantle of Elven Empreror.

400 LB - The Penndragon line is ended, the human empire splits apart into several smaller kingdoms.

422 LB - Nupper Lightbringer dies. Elven prophets say it will be 'the end of an era'.

Rise of the Shi'tir

425 LB - Shi'tir forces begin to lay siege to the elven empire....

900 LB - After close to five centuaries combatting the Shi'tir forces, the Elven people are conquered by the Shi'tir.

1000 LB - The 'Lightbringer' Line ends after a failed rebellion attempt to get a 'Lightbringer' back on the Elven throne. Elves become thralls of the Shi'tir.

Corruption of the Innocent

1000 LB - Shi'tir Goddess-Queen Alecia is revealed to the world. She begins a new Calender.

1 Shi'tir - Shi'tir Goddess-Queen Alecia invokes her new Calender.

300 Shi'tir - The human continent inexplicably sinks into the sea reducing the human domain of control solely to the Northern Human Isle.

350 Shi'tir - Shi'tir Empire claims the former human continent as its own. Human remains alive and dead are corrupted by the Shi'tir to build their forces

500 Shi'tir - Elven forces begin a revolt against the Shi'tir who have spread their influence too thin.

600 Shi'tir - Elven forces reclaim Ilan City, Queen Alecia is rebuked into the sea from where she came.

Fang and Claw

603 Shi'tir - Shi'tir Calender is abolished by the new Elven Regeant, [] Darkclaw. The Elven nation adopts the 'Darkclaw' Calender.

1 DC - Darkclaw calender is established.

50 DC - Human nations once more unite under a Representation government to combat the Shi'tir threat.

100 DC - Sparse Shi'tir forces attempt to capture Nore City, home of the Human Government.

150 DC - [] Darkclaw is suceeded by () Darkclaw.

152 DC - () Darkclaw aids the Human contingency in their war against the Shi'tir. An uneasy peace between the three nations is established but one that would last for several centuaries to come.

155 DC - The Human nation expands to the Southern Island continent. Both island continents remain independent of one another but united under the human banner.

400 DC - () Darkclaw is suceeded by ## Darkclaw.

650 DC - ## Darkclaw is suceeded by !! Darkclaw.

800 DC - Nupper Darkclaw is born.

900 DC - Nupper Darkclaw ascends to the throne, suceeding !! Darkclaw before him.

979 DC - Nupper Darkclaw mysterious disappears while on the northern coast of Ilan City's isle.

1035 DC - Shi'tir forces attack the Elven outposts on the north coast of the eastern elven continent. The council of elves declare war on the Shi'tir.

1040 DC - The two human island nations go to war over raging debates after increased pressure from the elves over whether to engage their forces against the Shi'tir or not.

2019 DC - Ilan City falls once again to Shi'tir control. Elves continue fighting.

2435 DC - After close to two millenia of combat, the elven nations have once again fallen to Shi'tir control.

2435 DC - Nupper Darkclaw returns as a 'god-king' to rule over the Elves in Alecia's stead.

Demon's Ascend

The one Goddess to Rule

1 UA - The United Alliance is founded between the conquered elves and the Shi'tir. While merely a formality, it serves to allow the general populace to believe they have some sort of 'freedom'.

5 UA - Dark God-king Nupper begins rebuilding elven forces.

7 UA - The crumbled human city-states begin uniting under one leadership once again.

100 UA - Shi'tir and Elven forces go to war with the two islands of the human nation.

175 UA - Demonic gate opens in Droncia city. Human forces are wiped out and the demonic hordes begin out-pouring. Elven encrouching forces on the island continent become corrupted by demonic taint.

200 UA - The southern human island falls entirely to demonic control.

201 UA - "Humans" begin appearing on southern Shi'tir and eastern 'elven' islands claiming to have escaped the demonic hords.

299 UA - Northern human island nation falls to elven law. Humans are enslaved by the Shi'tir overseen by the elven forces.

302 UA - Demonic forces begin encroaching on Elven and Shi'tir territories. Elven islands and a southern Shi'tir province are taken by demonic forces.