[1] The Great Alliance
Level 90-90
Sword and Shield of the Empire
Main Leaders Alecia Darkclaw (Shi'tir Empire), Nupper Darkclaw (Elven empire), Vivian Darkclaw (Dragon Kingdoms), Shogan (Android Mansion/Post-timeskip/Losely)
Secondery Leaders Silgan, Priestess (002)
Population Over 3 Billion

Population (Timeskip)

Unknown (Mostly Destroyed)
Race Elves, Sea Creatures,Spider, Scorpion, Other Furries, Androids
Government Ancient Council
Council Leader Alecia/Nupper/vivian (Pre-timeskip), Shogan (Post-timeskip)
Affiliation Android Mansion, Shi'tir Empire, Elven empire

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