Sea Goddess Alecia Darkclaw


Title Unknown
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Rank God
Age Unknown
Affiliation Shi'tir Empire, Elven Empire
Occupation Unknown
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Demonic Empire


Nupper (Husband/son), Spidera,Elise,Snazia (daughters), Mkal (Grandmother), Rajic (Brother), Cheesk,Vivian (Sisters), Crysalis (Niece)



Evil cold-hearted queen of the Shi'tir and ruthless goddess of the oceans


Usually calm and loving to her subjects and slaves but easily angered and with a severe hatred towards humans, often known for torturing her victims using different temperatures of water while clawing and lashing at them with her tail, because she is a goddess she sees everything that happens around water and can teleport herself anywhere theres water


Was once a beloved goddess worshiped by humans and honored by many other countries, until one day centuries ago another kingdom laid waste to her kingdom nearly killing everyone under her rule and sinking her palace to the bottom of an abyss, centuries of absolute darkness and only the souls of those who drowned when her kingdom sunk to keep her company has twisted her to evil and revenge, when her palace was discovered recently by some humans it revived her hatred of them and she has been repopulating her kingdom with her newest victims turning them into sea-living servants


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