Known Supreme god:

Most Powerfull being in existance Only one has been known to reach this level.

  • Alecia is a Supreme goddess

Known God:Edit

Considered to be the second most powerfull beings in existance and Suprime Leader of a faction and serve a Supreme god

  • Nupper is a god
  • Vivian is a goddess
  • Cheesk is a goddess
  • Rajic is a god
  • Mkal is a goddess
  • Purgatori is a Goddess

Known Ancients:Edit

Ancients are creations of a god or Supreme god

  • Crysalis - Daughter of Vivian
  • Spidera - Daughter of Alecia and Nupper
  • Elise - Daughter of Alecia and Nupper
  • Snazia - Daughter of Alecia and Nupper

Known Regent Rulers:Edit

One who rules during the minority, absence, or disability of a monarch.

  • Casey - Human Regent Queen of the Colonies (Nupper being a Minor)
  • Kayla Darmon - Elven Regent Queen of Elven Empire (Nupper being a Minor)

Known First Prime:Edit

First Primes at the top Pet/slaves of there Ruler.

  • Miss Darkheart -  First Prime of Nupper
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unkown