Miss Darkheart
Title <War General of Elven army>
Gender Female
Race Human (Formerly), Catwoman
Rank First Prime
Age Unknown.
Affiliation Elven Empire, Shi'tir Empire, Nupper, Alecia, Vivian
Occupation Leader of Elven Empire Army
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Owner King Nupper Darkclaw


Unnamed Children

Feared feline general of the elven kingdom


Corrupted and twisted into an evil feral feline, is very smothering and protective of her king often attacking anyone who gets too close to him without provocation


A former human jewelcrafter who was known for making the most exotic jewels in the human lands, when word of her work reached king Nupper she was offered a job in the Elven lands but it was a trap, captured by Nupper he sealed her soul in a medallion she made and twisted and tainted it, when putting the medallion around her neck the taint spread to her body turning her to an evil catwoman


with her mind that of a feral feline she has no memory of her human life and now the royal family are all she knows and loves