Mama Vivian Darkclaw


Title Unknown
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Rank God
Age Unknown
Affiliation Shi'tir Empire, Elven Empire
Occupation Unknown
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Demonic Empire


Alecia (Wife/Mother), Spidera,Elise,Snazia (daughters), Mkal (Grandmother), Rajic (Uncle), Cheesk,Vivian (Aunt), Crysalis (Cousin)



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Excessive motherly and protective of her children, often known for attacking anyone who gets too close to one of her children, when alone she often thinks of ways to have more children to satisfy her motherly hormones usually capturing humans and geneticly altering them into new children to love


Originally a scientist for a government assigned lab company she was in an accident at the lab turning her into the snake she is now and couldn't be happier, she has made several human people into her inhuman children to love and worship her as their mother, her former sister Alecia was claimed by an evil goddess turning Alecia into the new sea queen and goddess of all oceans making vivian royalty, she now lives along side her sister and family in the Shi'tir palace turning prisoners into her new children


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