Madame Vivian


Title Genie
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Rank Genie
Age Immortal
Affiliation The Great Union
Occupation Serve who holds her bottle
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Human Empire (Destroyed)


Alecia (Creator/Prime Mistress), Nupper (Essence Given/Prime Master), Rob Wolfe (Accepted Mate/lover)



Feline Genie enslaved to the crystal bottle of sapphire


Clingy and very flirty


Was once the little sister to Alecia, when the humans attacked the palace Alecia handed Vivian the bottle of sapphire and made her take the genie's oath, becoming enslaved to the bottle Vivian was turned into an immortal genie and now must grant the wishes of whoever holds her bottle, although a slave for eternity Vivian is happy being a genie and making people's dreams come true, even if she could be freed she would always refuse it to remain a genie


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