King Nupper Darkclaw


Title <King of the Great Union>
Gender Male
Race Elven/Shi'tir Hybrid
Rank God
Age 1 (Immortal)
Affiliation Shi'tir Empire, Elven Empire, Demonic Empire
Occupation King of the Great Union
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Human Empire


Alecia (Wife/Mother), Spidera,Elise,Keiruh (daughters), Madame Vivian (Inspired Mother/Essence Given)


Miss Darkheart (First Prime), Kayla Darmon (Regent leader), Nymphette (General)


True Form


Nupper's Armor

Coming soon


Infant Form

He acts and behaves like a normal child having personality and attention span of a child but most attention he would give it to his mother/wife alecia or vivian.

Adult Form

He is stern yet loving to his family and will protect them with all his might. he loves his pet and slaves and will help them if needed.


Nupper was once a General of the elven army during the War with the shi'tir untill he fell into the ocean and was captured by Alecia's first sea form. She chose him to be her mate but was disgusted by his purity. So she rebirthed him as her own child and lover.

Reborn (First time)

After being rebirthed Nupper assummed controll of the elven empire for his mother alecia who sought her eyes on destroying the humans at the time during a brief time a plague spread accross the lands turning his mother into a blood sucker he assumed to fight the plague at its source the human lands untill his mothers researchers found a cure. He later assumed to throne of the shi'tir when his mother when missing untill later she returned in a new form. Not nowing who or what it was he attacked her but was quickly consumed into her womb and reborn for a second time.

Reborn (Second Time)

After being Rebirthed for a second time Nupper became greatly more powerfull and helping the creation of the genie Vivian and approved of her being the royal guard captain's mate. He can change between forms at will but prefers his infant true age over his adult form.