Princess Keiruh Darkclaw


Title Princess
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Rank God
Age Unknown
Affiliation Shi'tir Empire, Elven Empire
Occupation Unknown
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Demonic Empire




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Keiruh may be a half blood, but she would rather be considered a dragon than a demon. She was forced to raise herself from pretty much birth, as she had escaped her mother's maw, not wanting to be eaten like her siblings. Her expected reason for there not being many dragon/demon mixes, is because they are all killed at hatch for what they are. Thinking this she did her best to build her power. Challenging and successfully defeating her parents at age 100, barely an adult for a red dragon. Unfortunately, she had to Sacrifice her body in order to not only defeat her parents but to destroy them as well.

After doing this she was orphaned. This is when the Elven God Nupper found her and must have seen potential in her, because he adopted her. During the Demon and Elf War, Nupper deemed she was in to much danger and sent her to a deserted island. She stayed there for centuries living on her own and traveling around the world learning all the magics she could. Like any dragon she built up a rather large hoard full of gold and rare enchanted items. Until she heard word of an elven king in the Shi'tir Empire by the name of Nupper, and went to go investigate this rumor.

The rumors were true and it was as she thought but he looked different and she didn't know it was him, but in any case she was tired of living alone and decided to live at the palace. A few days after deciding to live in the Palace something happened that lead her to realize that the king was indeed her father. The next day the Queen/ Goddess of the sea accepted Keiruh as her daughter and re-birthed her. This changed her into a Dragon Naga, which she still is today.


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