Neutral Hivera Kingdom
Main leader Queen Amon Jade
Secondary leaders
  • Vespa (1st in command)
  • Ililsa (2nd in command)

Viinix (royal translator)

Deity/God King Nupper Darkclaw
Race(s) Elven,Wasp
Capital Hiveria City
Other major cities Unknown

Demon Empire

Main language Verious

A sub-empire composed of mutated wasps and bees in allegience with the Elven Empire


Originally created by demons to destroy humans and elves some of them have managed to escape and now working to build an city given to them when they joined the Elven Empire



Hiveria is a region of land that is controlled by the wasp-mutants in the elven kingdom most of there city complex is based underground. It is currently under the Command of the Queen wasp under controll of the elven empire in return that the wasp do not mutate any elves. the elves would protect the hive as if it was part of there empire.