Air Ships



Class Statues
Death glider Elven Death Glider is the Unit Class ships. Holds two person. Unit-Class Active

Crysalis Death Glider was the a personal Death Glider Designed for Crysalis made by the elves. The Glider Was Demonmissioned During Constructrion. Holds two person.

Crysalis Unit-Class Decommissioned
Transporter Vanir Transport is a Transporter-Class ship designed for transporting Ground Units. 50 people per-ship Transporter-Class Active
SperoniaCruiser Serponia Cruisers are Cruisers Designed for Close Combat with other ships or ground Units. 100 People Per-ship Cruiser-Class Active
NemsiaCruiser Nemsia Cruisers are Titan-Class much more powerful than a Cruiser-Class Titan-Class Active

Purgotori Cruisers are SS Titan-Class ships and the first Elven made ship to have Shi'tir Armoring and Weapons.

SS Titan-Class Active
Needle Needle Death Gliders are an Upgraded Death Glider which are much faster and Designed with Elven living metal Armoring Needle-Class Active
Aleciaclass Alecia science Vessel are alecia-Class ships designed to experiment while mobile. Only Three was made. Alecia-Class Active
5 SS Ilan - Serves as Nuppers Personal Flag-ship currently leading the War against the Demons. Nupper-Class Active
5 Elven Flag-ships are City sized ships designed for massive protection and Damage it is the Largest ship in the elven fleet. Flag-ship-Class Active

Ground Units



Class Statues
1280 Huntress Sqard is a Squard of 400 all female elves. Huntress Squad Active

Golden Shield Squard is a Squad of 1 Million elves protecting Shi'tir Lands.

Golden Shield Squad Active
500 Ilan Imperial Soldiers is the elves main Army. Ilan Imperial Soldiers Active
Coming soon Royal Hybrid Guards are royal family Personal Elven Guards with Living metal and Shi'tir Mix. Royal Hybrid Guards Experimentation