Casey Newhalf
Title Governor General Newhalf
Gender Shemale, Female
Race Human
Rank Governor General (Regent of Human Colonies)
Age Unknown/Unconfirmed
Affiliation Human Colonies, Elven Empire
Occupation Governor General of Human Colonies, Human Ambassador to Elven Nations
Location Droncia City (Former), Nore City (Current)
Status Alive
Rivals [None]


Unnamed human (Mother, Deceased), Unnamed human (Older brother, Deceased)

Lady Alenia Purgatori

Governor General Newhalf was installed as regent of the human colonies by King Nupper Darkclaw during one of the rare moments he was allowed to take adult form. Her duties are to maintain peaceful running of the human colonies and ensure that attempts at rebellion are stamped out before they have a chance to build momentum. To perform these duties she has an unknown portion of the Elven Empire's armed forces as well as volunteer human recruits who are training to become peace-keepers of their own people.

As Governor General, she must make frequent trips between Nore City and Ilan City to give updates to the regent of the Elven Nations. During these trips, she may be summoned to the Shi'tir Palace by the 'Infant King' or the Sea Queen for various reasons.

Her only known champion is the Demon-God Alenia Purgatori though the two are never seen in the same place at the same time....


Casey Newhalf, like most humans of the Elven Empire has a strong distrust for the Elven gods and goddesses. The one exception to this is the Shi'tir Goddess the Sea Queen Alecia, the reason for this is unknown.

Casey enjoys the company of most other races, humans, various races of the Shi'tir and even elves. However, she seems to have a particular affinity for demonic entities.

Her overall personality is quite random. Most of the time she is relaxed and carefree often engaging in silly activities. However, she can easily become stoic and serious when threatened or when speaking to a 'god' or 'goddess' of the elven empire. It is only around her 'mistress', Lady Crysalis that Casey seems to demonstrate any submissive tendencies to be spoken of. An odd trait, especially for a human, is her tendency to call other individuals 'child' and her strong dislike of others referring to her by the same name. Her nickname for the Elven God Nupper is 'Infant Prince' or 'Infant King' and she very frequently calls others 'child' or 'young one'. As Casey seems to have known the Goddess Alecia 'since before she was a goddess', the actual age of the human and whether she is actually a human has been called into question on two occasions. Despite this, she still refers to herself as 'human' and all elven magic and human technology can find no fault in this claim.


Casey Newhalf was supposedly born on the southern continent of the human nation during the waning years of the human/elven wars. As elven forces continued to encroach on human settlements many humans took refuge in the southern capitol city of Droncia. It was during this time that a demonic portal opened within the centre of the city and most of the populace was eradicated by the demon hordes flowing from the demonic portal. Casey was present in the city at the time of the demonic invasion. However, since the demonic invasion forces destroyed the city almost completely, most, if not all records of births and deaths have been also been destroyed. It is therefore impossible to tell if Casey Newhalf actually grew up on the southern continent or somewhere else entirely.

She somehow managed to escape the demonic stronghold, one of very few survivors of the demonic invasion and made her way northward to the eastern Shi'tir territories. It was here that Casey was picked up by Crysalis, the then noble in charge of the Eastern Shi'tir continent under Queen Alecia's dominion.  Casey was taken to the Shi'tir palace as a prisoner of war and would be later taken as Crysalis' slave. However, upon her arrival to the Shi'tir palace, Casey seemed to know the Sea Queen by a name the Queen had not used since before her time at the Palace. This prompted Alecia to investigate Casey a little more and what was found was certainly shocking.

Since then, Casey has continued masquerading as a human, fooling even the gods present in the Shi'tir palace (such as the god of deception himself). Only the 'infant prince' Nupper and the Sea Queen herself know of Casey Newhalf's true nature. 


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