[1] Android Mansion
Supreme Android: Shodan/003
The Face of Shodan
Capital Android Mansion, The Academy
Population Over 100 Mark 1s (Pre-Mansion)

Population (Timeskip)

18 (Known/3 In-active) (Unknown Actrual amount)
Race Elven/God (Nupper), Androids (Mark 1s, Mark 1.5s, Mark 1.8 and Mark 2)
Government None (Pre-Timeskip), Absolute Monarchy (Post-Timeskip)
Ruler Android 003 - Mk2 (Shodan)
Affiliation Nupper (Losely)
Military Mechari 001 Guard Units (Mark 1.9s)

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Coming soon

Prime Directive/Laws/OtherEdit


  • No Android Must be a higher mark than the Supreme Android. If such Mark is found it will be used to increase the Supreme Androids Mark.
  • Organic Android Makers (Nupper/Furries) cannot Go higher than a Mark 1.9 without the consent of the Supreme android.
  • No android can be a Mark 2.1 or Higher or risk being destroyed.

Prime Directives:

Will of the "an": The an is a three letter word added to the end of the main name such as "Shodan" or Silgan" Meaning anyone who carrys a an at th end of there names are considered leaders in some respect. As shown Shodan being the Supreme android and Silgan Being leader of the androids Under Nupper's Personal control.


Mansion Database: Not much is known about the mansions Databases. Mark 2 or Higher Access required.

Elven Database: The elven database though partially Remnants is still functional in special Underground bases. While Shodan and the Mark 2s can access the databases by Wireless they left it untouched so Nupper can continue his work that could benefit Shodan. Though it is required that what he dose not need is to be handed over to shodan. Mark 1.5 or Higher Access Required.

Furries Database: Status Unknown

Mark CodesEdit

  • Mark 1: Base Androids with minimul functions such as speach and movement/Intercourse acceptance. Mark 1 all Created by Nupper.
  • Mark 1.1-1.4: Unknown
  • Mark 1.5: Created by Furries and Nupper. Added more functions that are currently unknown.
  • Mark 1.5 A-C: Created by Nupper. Androids that effect of the use of living Organs marged with Machine also has the ability to reproduce. Model C is the first android to use magic.
  • Mark 1.6: Unused
  • Mark 1.7:Unused
  • Mark 1.8: Created by Nupper and 002. This mark is the first and only mark used by a nurse Android
  • Mark 1.9: Unused
  • Mark 2: Created by Shodan. All shodan has a Mark 2 Status.
  • Mark 2.1: None. Though Nupper considers Shodan a Mark 2.1
  • Mark 2.2: Non-existant/Unused
  • Mark 2.3: Non-existant/Unused
  • Mark 2.3: Non-existant/Unused
  • Mark 2.5: Designed Created and Hidden. Designs not in any Database.

Androids by NupperEdit

Android 003 - Mark 1 (003 Mark 2/shodan)Edit

Was Orginally created by Nupper as a mark 1 but later transformed itself into a mark 2. They share a Father/Daughter Relationship with "Extras" on the side. Though a bond is not totally secured but they do love each other. Shodan has some respect for Nupper's work in Lore and the Initial Creation of the androids knowning if he had not made the mark ones there would not be any Mark 2s and shared Common Hatred to most humans. But however thinks there is weakness in the Ancient God due to him having the power to destroy the humans but refuses execute that power. She has expressed wishes to make Nupper an android because being immortal she would controll of him and his magic.

Mark Ones (Other Androids)Edit

It is known that all Mark 1 androids where created by Nupper. Some Mark ones Become mark 2's by shodan making Nupper there grandfather by default. Many remaining Mark 1's where gifted to Shodan and became Mark 2s

Sil-War01 (Shildan/Mark 1.5A/Warrior Class)Edit

Silgan was created by Nupper under the Code Name Kerrigan a warrior Class 1 hybrid species. It is the first Android to share both Organic and Machine parts. This Android is Capable of Reproducing however reproducing with males other than Nupper gives Deformed Offspring with a shorter lifespan. Though Many of her traits where based on Shodan's Design. Shilgan serves a Royal Bodyguard to her creator.

Sarah001-EMK1.5 (Sarah/Mark1 1.5B)Edit

Sarah001-EMK15 was created by Nupper. She is a daughter figure of Shilgan.  Like shilgan she shares all traits of her mother with the exception that her hairs do not produce eggs. She has the ability to Connect with her mother though means and its known as the Youngest designed model that is Stricky Loyal to Nupper.

Android 012 - VX (Lenneth/ Mark 1.8) [Co-Created with 002]Edit

Lenneth, or Android 012 - VX, is the daughter of Android 002 and Nupper. She was the First Nurse android to be Created. and the First Granddaughter of the Shodan. Though Nupper is her father he is also great-Grandfather being the Grandfather of Android 002

Jenny002-EMK1.5 (Jenny/Mark 1.5C)Edit

This android is Currently In-active and is being Created.

Vandra003 - EMK1.5 (Vandra/Mark 1.7)Edit

This android is Currently In-active and is being Created The first android persumed to harness magic though Elvish magic Crystals.

Androids by ShodanEdit

Android 002 - Mk2 (Priestess/ Mark 2)Edit

Coming soon

  •  Android 012 - VX (Lenneth/ Mark 1.8) [Co-Created with Nupper]: Lenneth, or Android 012 - VX, is the daughter of Android 002 and Nupper. She was the First Nurse android to be Created. and the First Granddaughter of the Shodan.

Android 005 - HS1(Chyo/Human Synthoid 1)Edit

Not much known but has been shown Desire to turn her grandfather Nupper into an android.Persumed a Mark 2 by Default

Android 006 - Mk2 (Mark 2)Edit


Android 007 - Mk2 (Mark 2)Edit


Android 008 - Mk2 (Mark 2)Edit


Android 009 -Mk2 (Mark 2)Edit


'Android 0X - Mk2 '(Mark 2)Edit


'Android 011 - Mk2 '(Mark 2)Edit


Android 013 - Mk2GEdit

(Mark 2)Edit


'Android 014 - Mk2' (Mark 2)Edit

This android is Currently in-active.

'Android 015 - Mk2' (Mark 2)Edit


"Note: Shodan has allowed Most androids and Nupper to use Intercourse with the Exception of 015 (Off-limits) and 005 (Differing Relations)"

"Note: Most androids See nupper as a grandfather figure and will hug or otherwise within there permission from Shodan"