Amon Jade


Title Unknown
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Rank Unknown
Age Unknown
Affiliation Elven Empire
Occupation Unknown
Location Shi'tir Palace
Status Alive
Rivals Demonic Empire



Master King Nupper Darkclaw


Queen of the Elven Wasp Hive and loyal servant of the Elven Empire


Simple minded acting solely on instinct with the behavior of a wasp however able to understand others and obedient to her master, her instincts make her always wanting to sting people turning them into new wasp drones


Before the wars between humans and demons she was a secretary at a government instilation, when the wars started she was one of the first to be captured by the demons, she was recently rescued and taken to the elven capital, the demons had altered her into a part demon making her a breeder and the elves were trying to remove her demon parts, in their attempts there was an accident and several wasps got into the chamber the elves were using to cure her, although it did remove her demon side her dna was completely replaced with that of a wasp quickly turning her into a wasp woman and making her a queen


She is loyal to the king Nupper as one of his people thinking of him as her father, she also adopts anyone who is turned into a wasp by her as her children growing a hive of mutant wasps to serve the elven empire as a family